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Getting Compensation for Drunk Driving Victims

All of us have a distinct understanding of just how powerful automobiles are. We are trained to be defensive drivers, watching the road closely and refraining from engaging in distracting activities when we drive. Car accidents will be a part of life as long as humans are in control of them – simply because people make mistakes. personal injury lawyers - Hurt by a drunk driver - car accident attorney
One of the most profound lapses in judgment can be the decision to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. A drunk driver puts not only himself at risk, but also every other pedestrian and driver on the road. Countless lives are lost or seriously impacted each year because of the reckless behavior of drunk drivers, and if you are among this unfortunate statistic, a personal injury attorney can be of valuable help in pursuing the damages you are deserved.

A vast number of car accidents are caused by intoxicated drivers, and while they will surely be held criminally liable for their DUI offense, they must also face the music for the medical bills, pain and suffering they inflict upon victims and their families. Accidents can cause not only catastrophic injuries to the head, spinal cord, brain, and neck, but all too often, wrongful death. A full third of all fatalities on the road each year are caused by drunk drivers. These senseless events could have been prevented simply from the drunk driver staying off the road, and justice must be meted when such tragedies occur.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer
If you or a loved one was a victim of the deplorable actions of a drunk driver, we can help. Our legal team can offer knowledgeable and skilled legal counsel to both injured parties and family members who have lost a loved one. We are dedicated to helping you through this difficult time and to aggressively pursuing justice and compensation.

Why delay in protecting your vitality and legal rights? Contact a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer immediately.


Texas Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Texas Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

I am a car accident attorney. I work on serious auto accident cases and give them serious attention. If you are looking for a car accident attorney, then I encourage you to call our office for a free consultation regarding auto accident personal injury case. The call is free and the information you learn will be worth the call, whether you ultimately hire me or not. Hiring me to represent you also costs nothing unless I recover something for you. For serious accident cases, I will come to you as necessary to meet with you and handle your lawsuit. car accident attorneysPlease find more information on this website

Devastating Impact Requires And Deserves Personalized Attention

A car accident can be devastating financially and emotionally. Insurance companies typically have no compassion when dealing with injured victims, so they are left searching for answers when they feel least capable of dealing with anything. Often serious injuries will disable the injured person’s ability to work and deal with their financial life. In those cases, you need a car accident attorney who will carefully listen to your side of the story, work quickly to begin preserving evidence in your case, then work carefully with you throughout the case to help you develop the evidence that will be necessary to present your case.

In a car accident case, many things need to happen quickly for you to have the best chance of the highest recovery. So you should not delay calling me today. I am forthright, open and easy in conversation. I am a car accident attorney that can help you feel much more comfortable about the entire process, what you will need to prove, as well as helping you understand the important things that you can and should do to generate helpful evidence to present on your own behalf.

Types Of Accidents

I am available to handle any and all serious personal injury cases, including car accidents, trucking accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, jet-ski accidents, swimming pool accidents, slip and fall accidents, premises liability accidents, products liability accidents, and defective product accidents.Texas car accident lawyers

Types Of Injuries

I can handle any and all serious injury cases, including traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and wrongful death.

How You Can Quickly Lose Your Car Accident Case
Just to give you an introduction, did you know that you can lose your case before you ever get to a jury, by way of legal motions that the insurance company can file, most of which contain complex legal arguments that can lead to your losing your case? You need to understand these and other mine-fields before your hire your attorney.

If you want to reach me now to discuss your auto injury case, don’t hesitate to call the office. Find more here on this website


Foremost Insurance Appeals $45 Million Discovery Order to Arkansas Supreme Court

The Southeast Texas Record notes an appeal (either an interlocutory appeal or a request for extraordinary writ relief) in Chivers v. State Farm, one of the many nationwide class actions simmering in the Texarkana, Arkansas-based state courts.

Chivers is a case against several major insurers over the way the insurers compensate contractors:

The lawsuit involves allegations that after a loss or damage to an insured’s property, insurance companies did not disclose or pay the general contractors’ overhead and profit. Although the insurance companies paid the claims to the insurers, the plaintiffs state they are entitled to the additional money. The complaint states that general contractors’ overhead and profit is 20 percent of an estimated construction job cost and is a paid-for-benefit to the customer.
The issue in the appeal is Circuit Judge Kirk Johnson’s order that one of the defendants, Foremost Insurance, produce discovery at a cost of $45 million.

Judge Johnson’s disagreed with Foremost’s cost estimate in his order and stated that non-lawyer clerks could be employed to search the discovery for privileged material:

After Judge Johnson analyzed the costs of production of Foremost’s claim files, he believes 90 percent of the costs are for attorneys’ fees for removing attorney-client work product, which “can be identified by company clerks for attorney review at a greatly reduced rate of pay.”


No Fraud in Sale of Property When Buyer Saw Numerous Problems Before the Sale

Burgess purchased a house from the Frenches. The house was in need of major repair; only one room was completed. Wiring and insulation were exposed throughout the house. The Seller Property Disclosure Form stated that the Frenches had not had any problems with the house. Burgess’s agent had seen a puddle of water in the house and encouraged him to get a professional inspection. Burgess refused because he conducted inspections for a living.

The sales contract contained a “disclaimer of reliance” clause that he had inspected the property to his satisfaction and was not relying on the Frenches. The contract also stated that Burgess purchased the house “as is.” A week after the sale, Burgess had problems with the roof and electrical system. He called Mrs. French, and she admitted that Mr. French had recently made repairs to the roof. Burgess sued for fraud and constructive fraud.

In affirming judgment for the sellers, the court held it was unreasonable for Burgess to claim reliance. Aside from the disclaimer and “as is” clauses, he had an obligation to make further inquiry when he saw the exposed wiring and was told about the puddle of water.